February 2017

Rock / Alternative

The Barn Cats

Tommy Rausch- bass & vocals, Jan London- guitar, Jim Verdi- drums & John Rocklin- guitar & vocals

Setting out to put together somewhat of a super-group, The boys in the band are quite satisfied at the progress they have made over the last 2 years.

Coming from different musical backgrounds all with a rich & historic list of musical greats as fellow band members and those we have shared stages with we have put together this amazing project.

The Barn Cats have a secret formula for writing and arranging that comes from a combined experience in playing music that is as varied and diverse as it is exciting.

'The feedback we have gotten from our 'Live' shows so far is that people are genuinely moved by our sound and surprised at how well we can cover so many different styles of music so well' , 'There is a secret formula behind this that is designed to move our listeners as it moves us and it is pretty simple luckily......We are just being us! We love what we are doing and it is infectious, hitting the listener in all the right places to get the feet and the rest of the frame in motion!!'