August 2016

Epic Fail

EPIC FAIL have re-joined after four years with founding members Karl Reggie Harris, Richard Smith and Jay Stu. After finding themselves again and, with help from Danny Beaton and Vinnie Gene, they have managed to make writing new material possible once again.

Unfortunately Mike Price has chosen not to pursue further with the band. We wish Mike all the best. Taking over over from Mike on the drums we have Vinnie Gene.

Danny has taken over the guitar from Rocking Tom Roche, and Vinnie Gene has taken over the drums. Both will be assisting the band with writing new music. Danny and Vinnie have brought new ideas and suggestions, that we can use as a band, to make new material. EPIC FAIL are really excited about this and will be working hard over the upcoming months to hit the road again.

EPIC FAIL originally started as a band that strived to make a difference in 2009. After joining together as five friends who were growing tired of the local music scene's offerings it didn't take long for them to be recognised. Spending the majority of 2009 writing their first songs and finding their sound they soon started hitting promoters far and wide to demonstrate their addiction to music.

Within weeks of targeting live shows the band instantly gained support slots across England and Wales with established artists such as Skindred, The Defiled, Anterior, Malefice, The Dirty Youth, Despised Icon, and Misery Index. Now with notable live experience and a widely growing fan base EPIC FAIL are definitely ones to watch out for!