December 2016


The Gary Goblins

The Gary Goblins began producing electronic, 1-take experiments in the Pocono Mts. of Pennsylvania, USA in 1998. In what was generally known as a rock and jazz area, the idea of independent electronic music was a bit of a radical challenge to be faced by The Elf, the core artist of The Gary Goblins. Armed with little equipment and knowhow, and some stubborn dedication to electronic music, things eventually began to take hold for the project. Soon, new hardware synthesizers were added to The Elf's arsenal. It was around this time that the use of hardware equipment would become somewhat of a credo for The Gary Goblins and demo tapes began to circulate.

At the suggestion of peers at the time, The Gary Goblins began compiling tracks from the tapes to create the first official release, 'The Great Gimmick In The Sky'. Simultaneously, The Elf was working on newer material and employing different methods of recording which would become the second album, 'Visual Plantation'. These 2 recordings were officially released together in 2001 on The Elf's own label, FaBam! Recording. Soon after, The Elf began experimenting with samples and live television feeds. This led to the 3rd album, 'Burn' in early 2002. As a bit of an ode to the post 9/11 world, 'Burn' would become the best-selling Gary Goblins release to date!

In early 2003, The Gary Goblins upgraded the studio to multi-track recording equipment, thus ending the 1-take recording era. The first album recorded in this new manner was 'Meteorology', which included the well-remebered club track, 'El Nino'. After a few more releases, things were about to drastically change in 2006.

In the period between 2005-2006, The Elf was drifting between residences and studios. Music and life were being negatively impacted by the area. At the end of 2006, The Gary Goblins relocated from the Poconos to Archbald, a suburb of Scranton, PA, and began a family. The first attempt at music in The Elf's new studio, The Leaning Room, was a sleep deprived, late night experiment named after the studio itself. During this time, The Elf began compiling a collection of unreleased material and outtakes which would become known as the 'Press And Copy' series. Both releases were met with little to no attention from the new area. Disenchanted with the outcome, The Elf decided to shelf the next project, '0.8', and leave music behind for the next few years. '0.8' would not see an official release for years to come.

In 2012, The Elf would finally emerge from the doldrums and begin working on music again. The album 'The Jethro Effect' was released in August of that year. With its grinding industrial rhythm, the single 'Buck Knife' took the local area by surprise and was picked up by the local electronic music show, Electrostatik. This marked the first time that The Gary Goblins received FM radio airplay. Meanwhile, The Gary Goblins began updating his online distribution sites such Reverbnation, and added his whole discography to Bandcamp. Shortly thereafter, the Electrostatik radio show featured a 'locals only' episode which eventually led to the creation of The NEPA Electrotribe. 'The Tribe' set out as a coalition of local electronic artists looking for new ways to bring their electronic sounds to the local scene, which soon led to the first all-electronic live music performance in the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. The Gary Goblins were featured that night with an unforgettable first live performance that left many people in shock and on the dance floor of then one of the area's hottest night spots, The Rattler. Electronic music had made its mark on the local scene, and The Gary Goblins released its first live recording of that show, 'NEPA Electrotribe', just days later.

While live performances would continue sporatically, The Elf was back in the studio finishing up his 13th studio recording, 'Death Valley'. With its dance grooves and hard-hitting social commentary on local issues, 'Death Valley' became an area hit and the most successful Gary Goblins release since 'Burn'. Shortly after its release in 2014, The Gary Goblins were welcomed into The Rootowork Collective, an international online community of independent musicians, and began receiving regular plays on their weekly podcast, Rootwork Radio. This helped to reestablish the international reach of The Gary Goblins that had been lacking since the end of the music websites such as As a well respected member of Rootwork, The Elf has since found himself being included on remix efforts, compilation albums, and even hosting the weekly podcast himself live from The Leaning Room studio.

Just as The Gary Goblins were set to release its 15th studio album, 'Elf Is About To Die', The Elf was approached for yet another online venture. Longtime Goblin ally from back in The Pocono days, Phil Pthay as he's now known, contacted The Elf about an online radio and podcast project he and his friend Vito Carella were trying to launch. This site was to feature unsigned music talent from around the globe and The Elf was more than happy to be a part. Thus, The Gary Goblins became the inaugural electronic artist featured on this very site, Unsigned Radio!!

After 18 years, 16 studio albums and 3 live albums to date, numerous compilation and remix appearances, several side projects and radio appearances, the expansion of theFaBam! Recording label, some would say that is enough to satisfy the career goals of most. However, there seems to be nothing slowing down 'The Maker Of Toys For Girls And Boys'. Welcome to the electronic soul of The Gary Goblins!