December 2015

The Puffy Tongues

Luke Shumko - Guitar / Vocals
Scott Olsen - Bass
Len Hulsen - Drums / Professional Party Clam

Luke Shumko and Leonard Olsen have been friends for several years and worked together in several bands through high school including the hardcore band Outbreak and, later, Stabacadaver.

Shumko, after the breakup of Stabacadaver, began looking for and writing a different style of music not so geared toward one specific audience. A sound that anyone and everyone could easily enjoy. Once having written several songs he brought them to Olsen, who had recently purchased a new drum set, and asked him to join in a new band.

After playing as a duo for a little over a year, the two decided to add a bass player to the group. They had a mutual friend, bass player Scott Olsen, who eventually became the third and final member of The Puffy Tongues.