May 2016

Rare Form

Rare Form has been forming for a long time in individual pieces, and is still evolving - rising from chaotic occasionally conflicting soups of cacophony and consonance, angst and groove, harmony and groove - Rare Form is a vehicle of a reformation that can only take place within one's own self.

The most current iteration of this takes the human form(s) of Jason Merrill, Gabby Borges, and Matt Reinhardt. When we get together, we can rock heavily, jam lengthily, and noodle lightly. The goal is to experience everything and anything possible.

We are geographically based in Wayne and Pike Counties in Pennsylvania, an inspiring landscape and a calm place for us to disrupt mediocrity and outlandishly express intensity.

We are all community minded folks, and love working with others. And being loud. These things are not mutually exclusive, you know.