September 2016

Acoustic / Reggae / Hip-Hop

Richard Traviss

Richard Traviss was raised up on a horse farm on the deep back roads of the Catskills. There the horses taught him their secret language and revealed to him their unique view on iambic pentameter.

After being thrown out of acting school, for refusing to learn a ballet sequence, Richard embarked on a life of woe. Being told by his father at an early age, "bwoy, fo you its either prison or the blues" (and being a vegetarian and not willing to adapt to the "crust of bread" lifestyle in our county's fine correction system)- Richard chose the blues. Or more aptly- the blues chose him.

Today his music don't sound much like blues no more. But the heart of the blues beats deep in everyone of his songs. Whenever he sings he imbues that strangely disarming spark of "that certain something" in all of his work (if he's gotta explain it to ya' then you'll never know). A gifted improviser, he espouses a viewpoint that "song form" historically-speaking is an extemporaneous art and if one really wants to write songs, then write what is on the tip of the tongue. Plus he writes some of the best Roy Orbison-ish/Reggae-Calypsonian music you are gonna hear around these parts.

He has spent the last year touring around the West Coast and before that led Western Sullivan County's premier Rock n Roll outfit, the Secular Sextet, and before that served for a tour of duty in the Mandatory Parade. He also leads premier Hudson Valley Reggae outfit Talking Fire.